Do you want to find out the facts & stats on your very own set of Bifold Bi Design doors installation? Well hold on tight, because this is not an imitation, it’s very much a sensation when you stand back and admire the transformation!

bifolds main 037 - The Bifold Installation Sensation!

Once an order for your chosen doors has been made, the time will come to arrange a day that best suits you for the installation sensation!

Around seventy percent of our Bifold Bi-Design doors are delivered complete and ready for installation. However, the balance of thirty per cent have the doors removed and the frame taken apart.

The reason for flat packing the frame is generally because of limited access to the premises or risk of damage because the doors are simply too big to man handle.

Once released from quality control, they are wrapped under the supervision of the quality inspector ensuring their preparation and safe journey in transit. Quality control staff will remain in responsible of the doors in the storage area, until they are loaded on the vehicle ready to leave our factory.

STUDY PROGRAM - The Bifold Installation Sensation!

This ensures all parts are loaded together and none of the product is damaged, the process reduces the risk of incomplete deliveries or damaged goods. Quality control staff don’t load the vehicle, they merely supervise the correct handling, loading and securing of the load ready for delivery.

Through the process of installing your bifold doors, you will always be greeted by our professional fitters that will get the job done. Each team know exactly what is expected of them, they install the doors to a high standard, and always leave the property clean, tidy and ready for you to open up the brand new addition to your home.

To begin the transformation, the team will arrive at the same time as the delivery driver. The goods are then unloaded and made ready to be fitted within your home.

The very first thing done by the fitter will be to inspect the opening and check the dimensions to ensure a successful installation of your stunning bifold doors.

The fitter will level the base brickwork, setting the height to ensure the finished floor height is correct – these doors have to be installed level through expert knowhow.

When the base is level the cill (if required) is laid and the frame is set into the brickwork. This is followed by the frame being fixed level and square, using the correct length direct fixings.

After the doors are set-up and glazed, the doors will be operated a few times to make sure everything is running smooth in operation Bifold doors!

When the fitter is happy with the set-up, he will use fixing foam to fill any spaces he feels necessary. This fixing foam is never used to fix the frame, it’s only to fill any larger gaps.

The doors are always fixed using direct fixings and metal fixing screws into the head of the lintel. We use fixing foam because it does not expand too much and is more controllable, it also cures a little quicker. Once this is complete, the door is then sealed around the perimeter.

The fitters will then ask you if you want them to remove the protective tape. You will need to inspect the door prior to them leaving site, as any damage to the doors post installation will not be accepted as our liability.

Once the installation process comes to a close, it’s a case of the clean up operation to begin. You can then stand back and admire what has unfolded!

037 - The Bifold Installation Sensation!

Bifolds Bi-design products are the ultimate modern design statement, the result of investing in these products will decrease the years off a tired, ageing property, as well as these areas truly immersed with the sunlight it craves.

Whether your home is traditional or modern, small or large, you can be sure that more natural light will transform the space.

If you would like to find out more information about our products and installation process at Bifolds Bi-Design, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01206 212 040 or email us via with your query.